Why Our Mercedes Vito Taxis Are Perfect For Wheelchair Users?



Mercedes is a well-known automobile brand, who manufactures luxury cars, buses, coaches, and trucks. The brand is well known for its vehicles’ stability, comfort, and safety measures. Generations of vehicle buyers will happily vouch for this brand’s products blindly. This is testimony to the attention to detail, and safety measures taken by the company in the manufacture of its vehicles. Recently, Mercedes launched their Vito taxis exclusively for wheelchair users. This initiative is taken by the company to extend their service to a largely forgotten population, and to redefine the comfort level for people using the wheelchair.

People who regularly interact with wheelchair bound people know how difficult it is for them to get on and off an automobile. Unless such people have modified vehicles to suit their condition, they are in for a lot of effort, strain, and embarrassment. We may even end up hurting them unintentionally while helping them on or off the vehicle. As per psychologists, such situations may cause trauma to these patients. Moreover, travelling itself can be highly discomforting to the physically challenged as most normal cars are not customized to their special needs.

Many physically challenged people face huge problems with public transport. For instance, they may not have someone to help them aboard or off the taxis all the time. Perhaps, they may not want to depend on another person for that. However, a lot of taxis are not designed to accommodate these needs. Thus, it becomes a problem for them to move in and adjust themselves in a normal cab. But, Mercedes Vito is changing the status quo dramatically.

Mercedes Vito is the newest car that is licensed for special utility. Vito has been a huge success among the cab companies who provide wheelchair friendly taxi services. The reason is that Mercedes Vito features a unique design that is very accommodating towards people with special needs. Its interiors are quite unlike the typical 4-seaters, 6-seaters, and 10-seaters. The seats are pulled up and have enough space to roll in a wheelchair and place it comfortably, keeping in mind the safety and comfort factors of the user. Mercedes Vito taxis are ideal for people with special needs to embark on family expeditions.


Easy Embarking and Disembarking

Unlike, other taxi service we do not have to pick up the passenger and place them uncomfortably in the taxis. Mercedes Vito taxis are designed to roll in the wheelchair smoothly without making the person uncomfortable. They feature a remote control system, which enables the user to deploy and withdraw the lift or ramp for easy embarking and disembarking from the vehicle.

Mercedes Vito taxis have a multi fold lowering floor. It is a custom built lightweight floor system, which can be easily lifted for loading a wheel chair. The Hook-I Pawrs is one of the most popular electronically controlled mechanisms for hassle-free loading of the user and the wheelchair into the taxi smoothly. Many wheelchair taxi services accommodate single wheelchair passenger because of the car size. The Mercedes Vito taxi is a 7-seater car. Thus, in addition to the four normal seats, two wheel chairs can be easily loaded into the vehicle.


Space Factor

Mercedes Vito taxis offer unparalleled interior space in comparison to the other wheelchair taxi services. The massive space can accommodate wheelchairs of any size comfortably in the vehicle. One of their best features is the low level flooring, which makes spacious headroom for taller people.

The vehicle design offers 60-inch entry height, where the passenger won’t get stuck while rolling in. The flat level flooring, which is exclusively designed for wheelchairs, allows the passenger to sit at ease, in their perfectly natural sitting position. Usually, the other wheelchair taxis don’t have flat, low flooring feature, which leads to an uncomfortable ride, as the headroom space is compromised over here.


Reliable and Trained Drivers

There is another factor that makes the Mercedes Vito the best taxi experience for the physically disabled. Everybody knows that the terms “Mercedes” and “premium” go hand in hand. Naturally, cab operators that offer Mercedes Vito as taxis are the ones who operate on a big scale, and have huge operations. They provide their drivers special training to make them aware and help them accommodate the special needs of the physically challenged passengers. As a result, they are trained to support the wheelchair users during the journey, so much so that the driver takes full responsibility for the ride, even when the passenger does not have someone to accompany them.



The Mercedes Vito taxis come fitted with an intercom system that any physically challenged person can easily use, without needing any help from another person. If they have to give any directions to the driver, have a normal conversation, or need to ask them for any assistance, then they can do so easily on the intercom. This makes them truly independent, and capable of commuting on their own in the taxis.



Finally, there is the comfort that comes with a Mercedes. The brand has been synonymous with the word ‘comfort’ for well over a century, and it truly epitomizes the passenger comfort. Simply put, wheelchair bound passengers simply couldn’t have wished for a better offer than a Mercedes, when it comes to the comfort factor. Whether it is the high quality premium upholstery, the amazing suspension, or the engineering marvel that is a Mercedes vehicle, all combine together to offer the most comfortable rides for the wheelchair bound.

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