who are we


we are a professional licensed london taxi company

we provide transportation around the UK. Our specialty is with our disabled clients. Our licensed london taxis are wheelchair friendly and our costs are always competitive. Give us a call to find out.

Customer Satisfaction 100%

all our customers are happy

Booking Availability 100%

we have london taxis available on call 24 hours all year long!

City Coverage 100%

we're expanding everyday, providing london transportation to new events, new locations and the latest UK tours.

city coverage

currently we have taxis operating around the UK from London

Our London taxi drivers have traveled around the UK and have passed the rigorous “Knowledge test” which requires all black cab drivers to memorize every street and attraction in London. Our sole purpose is to please our customers by giving them a lifetime experience with our taxi services. Everything with us is top notch, from the cars to the service itself. No matter what your travel plans are, London Taxi Now be there for you and your needs.

our vehicles


Mercedes Vito Taxis

Mercedes Vito is the newest car that is licensed for special utility. Vito has been a huge success among the cab companies who provide wheelchair friendly taxi services. This is because Mercedes Vito features a unique design that is very accommodating towards people with special needs. Its interiors are quite unlike the typical 4-seaters, 6-seaters, and 10-seaters. The seats are pulled up and have enough space to roll in a wheelchair and place it comfortably, keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the user. Mercedes Vito taxis are ideal for people with special requirements to embark on family expeditions.

our drivers

all our drivers are professionals:


only the best personalities selected to drive our special taxis.


years of experience from our London taxi drivers; they have seen it all.


trained to perfection – any delays or road diversion wont stop them remembering the next quickest route.

if you are interested in joining our team feel free to drop us a call or email.


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