First time at Thorpe Park? Or are you returning to the Park and want to have an even better day than last time? Either way, here are some tips that will save you both time and money.

To make the most of your day, set off early. It can get very busy around the Park, and roads can (and often do) get congested. Go early, get a good parking space for the car, and beat the queues for entrance tickets. Make sure you know the exact opening time for the day you are going on, and get there just a bit before that time to ensure a good first hour enjoying the smaller queues! The big ‘coasters and water rides (on hot days) get especially busy after lunchtime.
Why pay for full price tickets when there are tons of deals available. There are so many offers and vouchers around that can be used, so don’t plan a trip to the Park without researching what’s available. Have a look online for excellent ticket deals and short break offers or try Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert for the latest vouchers available.
Everyone in the Park will consider having lunch at the same time. Don’t rush to Burger King, Pizza Hut or any other Park restaurant between the hours of 12:30pm – 2.30pm; everyone will be there. Go early (before 12pm) or late (after 3pm) – or eat your lunch whilst queuing for a ride. Get something quick, and have a bigger meal later. Taking ages having lunch can be a waste of your day at Thorpe; think about how many rides you’re losing out on riding because you’re having a long lunch!


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Ticket prices at Thorpe Park are subject to change. For the best prices and for extras please visit:


If you are arriving by car, please follow the signs to the SHARK Hotel Car Park, where there are designated disabled spaces. To use these spaces, you must display a valid blue badge in your vehicle. Please be aware, parking charges still apply.

Ticket concessions

Disabled guests are entitled to a free helper ticket. Please book a ticket and bring proof of entitlement to the Annual Pass Building, where there is a dedicated disabled entrance. Such proof includes a blue/orange badge, Attendance Allowance book etc. Please note this is for Admission to the Resort only and does not guarantee entitlement to a disabled Ride Access Pass. If you require assistance when purchasing your tickets, our Admissions hosts will be happy to help.

Collecting tickets

Guests registered as disabled, can use the dedicated disabled entrance at the Annual Pass Building to purchase/collect their tickets.

Entering the Resort

For guests using wheelchairs, when entering the Resort please use the middle gates at the turnstiles as they are a wider access point.

Annual Passes

Annual Pass holders with a registered disability have the option of a free helper pass. Please see the Annual Pass website for full information. Please book an Annual Pass as appropriate and bring proof of entitlement to the Annual Pass Building, where there is a dedicated disabled entrance. Such proof includes a blue/orange badge, Attendance Allowance book etc. Please note this is for Admission to the Resort only and does not guarantee entitlement to a disabled Ride Access Pass. For more information, please visit the Merlin Annual Pass website.

Ride Access Passes

Disabled guests who are unable to queue may be eligible for a Ride Access Pass for themselves and up to three helpers.
The wristband given will allow the disabled person and the helper to bypass the queuing system usually via the exit or designated entrance designed for ease of access. Proof of entitlement will be required before the Ride Access Passes are given. Such proof includes:

– A certified NHS Letter from your doctor or consultant clearly stating why you are eligible for the policy

– A letter from a professional body (e.g Nurse, Bupa Healthcare Advisor) clearly stating why you are eligible for the policy

– A DLA, DWP or PIP letter stating you are entitled to higher rate mobility allowance – please note we will only accept higher rate mobility allowance for a Ride Access Pass, no other letters will be accepted.

– A blue badge along with an additional form of photographic identification


Ride Safety

For full information relating to individual rides please download our PDF Ride Access Guide. It is the responsibility of all guests to check restrictions within the Ride Access Guide and also on signage at the entrance to the ride.
Several rides are unsuitable for guests with heart, back, or neck conditions, or expectant mothers and we strongly recommend those guests who have had recent surgery or an injury do not ride some of our more thrilling attractions. On many of our rides, guests need to have the ability to brace themselves in an upright position, and all rides require guests to keep their arms and legs inside the ride carriages, and remain seated at all times.
Not all of our rides are suitable for all guests. Each ride has strict operating requirements that all riders must meet. Please do not ask our staff to break these rules as they are there for your safety. As well as taking note of the ride restrictions, we also strongly suggest that you watch our rides in motion before making a decision on whether to ride.
THE SWARM, Nemesis Inferno, Storm Surge, SAW – The Ride, Rumba Rapids, Depth Charge and Flying Fish, Quantum, Stealth, Vortex, WET WET WET & X are unsuitable for guests who are unable to walk unaided.


In order to assist guests with disabilities, we require anyone who has the supporting evidence and is issued with a Ride Access Pass to be accompanied onto the rides by a helper.
Three helpers per disabled guest can use the Ride Access Pass on any of the Rides and Attractions.
The primary helper must be at least 14 years old, and in the view of THORPE PARK Resort, able to take primary responsibility during emergencies and decision making. This helper is required to sit within the same carriage, boat, seat or row as the disabled guest they are assisting.
Although our employees are eager to provide the best service possible, they are not trained in lifting or carrying techniques and therefore cannot provide physical assistance.  Helpers must be able to assist with loading and offloading or any physical assistance that may be needed; this may involve the lifting and transfer of the disabled guest from the ride carriage into an evacuation chair at high levels.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are welcome in the Resort, however for safety reasons, dogs will not be able to accompany guests onto the rides. Guide dogs may accompany their owner as far as the loading point, but please ensure that guide dogs are left with another member of the group and not left unattended.


All toilet locations around the Resort have access for guests with disabilities, and we operate the nationally recognised RADAR key system to access them. If you don’t have your own key, you can hire one from Guest Services for a £10 refundable deposit.

Wheelchair Hire

We have a limited number of wheelchairs for hire, these are issued on a first come first served basis. Wheelchairs can be hired from Guest Services for a £50 deposit.


THORPE SHARK Hotel has a small number of accessible rooms available upon request. The accessible bedrooms are all located on the ground floor and have been designed to allow wheelchair users adequate space to move and manoeuvre their wheelchair in the bedroom and wet room. All accessible bedrooms are provided with emergency assistance alarms although guests are reminded to inform Reception if they would require any assistance in the event of a fire evacuation.

Thorpe Park do not have a set opening hours timetable.

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